Here is Free and Independent Tube for Out of Main Stream Parties in Ontario

Free speech is our right! 
It is a human right to have a right of a free expression…

I was shocked when during my conversations with leaders of parties in Ontario who do not belong to main stream that talking openly about politics with average Canadians is a taboo.

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How is that possible that the most interesting topics like religion, politics and sexuality is of the table?

In my opinion these are the most interesting subjects ever so I will talk about them as much as I can…

I know that we could not talk in back in Poland during communism since it was considered as a threat to establishment – but in Canada???

Unbelievable – is that true?

I have a hard time to believe in such understanding. Are we living in undemocratic, totally policed and corrupted state like it was in my country during communism regime?

I don’t know but I tend to find out. Interesting fact is that these who lead other parties in Ontario the one that are not in power are almost sure that democracy in Canada is a joke… Still I don’t know.

For sure what I know that these small parties that you can find on this website have almost no access to main stream media. Some of the leaders for decades fought to change that and could not so far. That is why we launched this site – to change that.

If you are here tell others, tell your friends and ask them to tell their friends that this is a place where you can find alternative ideas to these that you can see in daily life of our main stage politics.


So basically that is all in terms of my manifesto. I will do my best up to the end of my life to protect our democracy and give everyone who wishes the voice – what is our basic and human right. We have voice and we may have other ideas how to run our country and it is our right to have our vice to be heard.

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